Block B – Jackpot (Teaser)

So the ever energetic Block B are back:

Here’s the teaser (Released: 9th April 2014):

Music Video Release: 14th April 2014

Album Release: 17th April 2014

I definitely see people’s point to there being a bit of GD inspiration in there.

But do you think that is inspiration and homage to Bigbang and GD or just piggybacking on their success?

I personally think that they are very different, so these funny little bits come off more as a nod to an ‘in’ thing for the fans  than anything else.

I love the teaser. Like a lot of KPOP teasers, I don’t think it actually tells me much about the song itself, but at least I can see  they seem to be sticking with their crazy edge, which I have grown to love.

New to Block B? Check out their group profile here!

What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Remember we are all entitled to like and dislike different things!



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