Block B

Block B

Image from Jinho Jung via Flikr licensed under a creative commons license: Note: Jinho Jung has no connection to this blog and the image has been resized.


Group Name: Block B

Group Members: (From Left to right in image.) Taeil , Jaehyo, Kyung , P.O., Zico, B-Bomb, U-Kwon.

Record label (if known): Current: Seven Seasons

                                                      Previous: Stardom

Genre: Pop/Hip hop ( Early songs have an R&B feel)

Debut date: 13th April 2011

Key events

Block B have had a rocky career, after their debut they faced some controversy in Thailand involving a mistranslated video.

Further to this, they also faced more controversy due to a lawsuit with their previous record label over alleged non-payment of wages and non-provision of contractually agreed support.

Since then, they have negotiated a move to a new record label and seem to be back on track to be a big thing in the KPOP world.

In 2014, Block B released ‘Jackpots’ Music video slightly before the Sewol Ferry tragedy. As a consequence Block B cancelled the digital release of the album and limited Cd sales to the initial print. Speculation suggested that this was as the delay would have led to promotions clashing with their activities abroad.


Block B’s sound has evolved over time, they began with a very R&B pop style. While they still produce top notch ballad songs, they are now far more well known for their high octane hip-hop sound.

Recommended music videos









Other songs to check out

  •  When Where What How
  •  Nice Day



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