N.CA – I’m Different

The adorable N.CA is back to tell us she’s different

Mini Album: Scent of NC.A

The song

I’m not gunna lie, N.CA’s sound is not to my taste – I’m not a fan of the overly cutsie Kpop. I’m probably a minority here, but I think age appropriateness works in both directions.

That being said, if I ignore my personal preferences, then this new song is a brilliant addition to the dance pop movement of Kpop. It’s everything people expect from N.CA – bubbly, upbeat, fun and catchy. It’s also worth noting that if you listen to the audio without the video, it does seem to have a good balance of being cute without losing its pop charm.

Past experience has taught me to not expect much from N.CA in terms of live performance, but that certainly doesn’t detract from the earworm status of her song and is more a testament to how high my expectations are in Kpop.

The video

For me the video is a bit of a disappointment. It’s far from bad – in fact, it’s actually quite a good video.

Nice simple dance that’s bound to hook you in, colourful outfits, little bit of semi plot but not really slung in.

I should be blown away, but I’m not.

I’ve watched it through a few times and whilst the song has wormed into my brain, the video hasn’t. It’s a very safe video, nothing bad but nothing exceptional either. That being said, I have already mentioned the ‘cute’ concepts don’t really work for me, so maybe I’m not judging it like for like.

New to N.CA? Check out her Artist profile here!

What do you think? N.CA right up your alley, or not your cuppa tea? Let me know in the comments but as always respect that others may have a differing opinion.

Hallyu Noona


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