NS Yoon-G – Yasisi

NS Yoon-G’s new song will grow on you

The song

So this song didn’t wow me on first listen, but after I listened a couple more times I found it had really stuck in my head.

I really like the ‘Baby touch like that’ lines, the English is good and doesn’t feel (as a native English speaker) wedged into the song. Any native Korean speakers want to share how the English feels to them?

 NS Yoon-G does a great job of mixing breathy vocals with more powerful lines, something I usually associate with girl groups with a wider variety of voices at their disposal.

Not a fan of the borderline rap breakdown (Get crazy with it.) It didn’t really feel like it was called for in this song. It does however seem to be a growing trend in Kpop songs and is probably something I’m going to have to get used to.

The video

The video isn’t complicated but I like it, there’s not a lot of heavily choreographed dance in the video itself, but the Yasisi leg part is probably going to be being imitated in Youtube videos for a while.

Yoon-G is undoubtedly beautiful and it’s nice to see a well dressed Kpop star in a MV. I’ve noticed that there is quite a trend of Kpop stars wearing lovely clothes that just don’t suit them.

That having been said, I’m not a fan of leotards as outerwear and I hope that trend dies soon.

All in all I like it, I would have liked to see a big plot video, but with lyrics as adult as this that’s still a rarity in Kpop.

For those who are interested, here is the ‘original version’ of the song:

Interested in NS Yoon-G? Check out her artist page.

What do you think of Yasisi? Another forgettable entry into the ‘sexy’ Kpop carousel or an instant classic? Comment below with your thoughts!

Hallyu Noona


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