NS Yoon-G


NS Yoon-G

Image from http://oldlady.tistory.com licensed under a creative commons license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/legalcode. Note: http://oldlady.tistory.com has no connection to this blog and the image has been resized.

Group Name: NS Yoon-G

Group Members: NS Yoon-G (Kim Yoonji)

Record label (if known): JTM Entertainment

Genre: Pop

Debut date: 2009

Key events

NS Yoon-G has carved herself a place in the Kpop community since 2009 as a solo artist in an industry which is flooded with groups but sees only a few stand out soloists.

She is cousin of Jiyoung from the girl group Kara and at the time of promoting Yasisi she also found herself fielding a number of questions about Jiyoung’s plans as her contract with Kara expired and she chose not to renew in order to study abroad.


Yoon-G’s sound is firmly in the pop genre with her adding an R&B edge with her more powerful vocals.

Recommended music videos



Other songs to check out

  • I am hot
  • Just dance
  • Miss you again
  • I got you
  • If I love you



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