Akdong Musician – 200%

Akdong Musicians’ debut might not be their first release but they do not disappoint.

The song

I had concerns Akdong Musician might be something I hate. Singer/songwriters for the sake of being singer/songwriters.

I hate it when people decide they like an artist because they are different and write their own songs, even when the artist is terrible.

I didn’t watch K pop Star 2 so I wasn’t sure what to expect from Akdong Musician and I am impressed. The sound is quirky but with a bit of a Hip Hop edge, which is perfect for YG. The song is polished, not lazily made to sound ‘homemade’ to sell to hipsters, and good production is one of the things I love about Kpop.

I was concerned that  a brother/sister group might seem a bit creepy and weird singing a song like this but it came off perfect as them both singing to us!

I hate to admit it but Soo-hyun has a beautiful voice, and isn’t just overhyped by hipsters because she is a bit quirky, quiet and ‘different’.

I do have concerns as to whether they will be able to consistently fit into the maintstream music industry but I have no doubt that they will be able to consistently produce good quality music, even if the audience changes.

The video

The video is simple, fun and happy with cute effects it doesn’t hugely draw me to the video but when I am watching I’m sucked into it and it does give me the warm fuzzies. To me it’s a very well executed video and matches the song perfectly. It plays well on the image and strengths of the two artists without feeling forced.

Want to know more about Akdong musician? Check out their artist page.

Are Akdong Musician your new bias? Let me know in the comments below.

Hallyu Noona


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