Music Bank – 11/04/2014

Ahhh  Music Bank Day, As usual I’ll only be commenting on the best and worst stand out moments and putting all the performance videos below.

First up was Vetty L. Really pretty song and lovely stage outfits. I know they are pretty new and  I will certainly be looking a bit more into these guys!

I can’t lie – Speed’s dancing left me a little mesmerised, so much so that I don’t really remember their song other than a little bit of ‘look at me now’ was pretty awesome to watch though.

They were quite possibly out performed by 100% who managed for the second day in the row to blow my mind away, these guys are growing on me as a live act even if they haven’t reached me with their music.

I will just mention Crayon Pop, after speaking out their performance yesterday on M!COUNTDOWN they did seem more happy in todays performance, but the concept as  whole still feels forced to me. Sorry guys!

Despite actually quite liking N.CA, her performance of ‘Hello Baby’ was dire. She was gasping for breath throughout the whole performance, whether that’s because she’s overstretching herself or because she thinks that makes her sound emotional, it sounds terrible. I also had my usual issue with her performance to ‘I’m Different’, With just the audio I like the song, the over-cutesified performance ruins it for me.

NS Yoon-G wowed again with Yasisi, and her wardrobe was much more on point. YAY!

Orange Caramel Owned the stage, a truly fun performance again girls. The first Orange Caramel song I have properly liked and I’m still not sick of it!

Nell were a delightful alt rock surprise, I will be looking a bit more into these guys because I don’t know much about them but they sounded AMAZING!

Congratulations to Apink for another win!

Some of the Performances:

Apink – Mr Chu

4Minute – Watcha doin’ today?

Toheart – Tell me why

MBLAQ – Be a man

Orange caramel – Catallena

Mad Clown Feat. Hyorin – Without you

BTS – Just one day

NS Yoon-G – Yasisi

N.CA – I’m Different

100% – Beat

MIB – Chisa bounce

N.CA – Hello Baby

Speed – Look at me now

Tint- Wolf is stupid

Vetty L – Please come back

Nell -Escaping dissipation












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