Music Core – 12/04/2014

Yay,  It’s Music Core. You guys know the drill, below are some of my thoughts on the best, worst and weirdest performances of the show.

Below my article you will be able to see all the performance videos, including ones I haven’t commented on.

So 7th grade class 1, these girls are a thing, people don’t find this disturbing at all? Groups like this are exactly why I get funny looks when I say I am into Kpop. Sorry guys but I’m not sure words actually exist that explain this.

Ahh, JJCC.  I want to love these guys so badly because, you know, Jackie Chan but I am afraid the very ballady boyband sound isn’t my thing. That being said they do seem to have quite nice singing voices, a good variety in physical appearance (Everyone will be able to find a bias) and can at least do a basic dance well, so here’s hoping they’ll do well.

Nell. I said it yesterday for Music Bank and I’ll say it again.

I love this!

Honestly I find it much harder to find rockier K music. Kpop has become quite accessible for I-fans (international fans), but the rockier side of popular music is still a bit difficult to get into and these guys would not sound out of place on British radio. Anthemic pop rock at its best.

Crayon Pop were again back to being a bit more on point today. Still can’t get bad wedding reception with tipsy older relatives dancing embarrassingly out of my head when I hear it though.

 NS Yoon-G is back with her best stage outfit yet, she’s clearly got this performance down and owns that stage. On top of that, as time has gone on, I like this song more and more. I hope we see a lot more Yoon-G soon off the back of her performances of Yasisi.

Mad Clown  pretty song, boring stage. Sorry, but from a performance point of view, I wasn’t bought anything  that I couldn’t get from listening to the audio alone. Hyorin looked very pretty, that was about it.

So, 4Minute’s song is well and truly stuck in my head and I quite like it. But I’ve not been a fan of their live stages tbh, I’m not sure but are they trying to be edgy and failing?

Apink have caused me a dilemma, they keep winning. Why is this a dilemma? Well, because I don’t like it. Sorry, I know people must be loving it but to me it’s a big, confusing, creepy yawn-fest. Look at them being so cute, and dull….it’s not even grown on me like somethings do. I am 99% sure if Apink were a colour they would be beige. That’s before I even get started on the creepiness of the cutsie and young mini skirt concepts.

Then there is APrince…..I take back everything I said about Apink, these guys top ALL of that. Strange clones in bad suits singing songs I am sure are repurposed Westlife songs *shudder*.

Eddy Kim was a refreshing change, not sure on the song yet….have a feeling it might be one that grows on you.

Congratulations Apink! Another win under your belt!


Eddy Kim – Queen of push and pull

Eric Nam – Ooh ooh

N.CA – I’m different

Orange caramel – Catallena

Crayon pop – Uh-ee

4Minute – Whatcha doin’ today?

Apink – Mr Chu

Aprince – Kiss scene







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