Inkigayo – 13/04/2014

Inkigayo day and I’m very excited, as usual I’ll watch the show and leave my thoughts, below will be as many performances as the post can handle 🙂

So, my nemesis, Crayon Pop. I’m sure you are all desperate to know, so no I still don’t like it… sorry guys, I could just about cope with BAR BAR BAR but I can’t unhear that bad wedding reception DJ talking over this in my head.

That said the girls seem to be getting more enthusiastic the more they perform this.

Speed’s Look At Me Now is definitely growing on me! I don’t really think it needed a rap if I’m honest, but the song is catchy and the dance is very clean!

2000won were rather underwhelming, the song was… Meh… the performance…Meh…. I’m not sure if I’ll even remember it by the time I get to the end of the show.

Soreal were also a bit bland, but then we had Block B’s Teaser to let us see some energy….bring on next week!

Yay!  100% , these guys put on a good show if nothing else. Still not 100% (see what I did there? ;)) on their music, but they definitely put on a performance!

In between performances, Akdong Musicians were adorable, as I don’t speak much Korean it’s very rare for me to properly notice the MC parts.

Baechigi are actually starting to annoy me now, the song didn’t appeal at first but something about it really grates on me. It reminds me of something and I don’t know what, so maybe my subconscious is making me.

MIBs Chisa bounce has finally one me over, it’s just too catchy to not sing along to.

NS Yoon-G astonishes me, I keep seeing comments from people who seem to think this song is not good enough yet, and she will need to keep working hard. Are they mad? This song is amazing!

I stand by the fact Mad Clowns – Without you is not my thing, however it really wouldn’t sound out of place in an American chart. So if that was the aim, a congratualtions is in order. As I’ve said before though, the performance itself is meh, nothing is added by actually seeing them on stage.

Ahh Orange  Caramel…still not sick of you yet!

Akdong Musicians’ Melted was beautiful, I’m not a ballad person (as you have probably noticed) but I like this. Just the right amount of moving and energetic. I’ve already mentioned how much I love 200% and this performance was very similar so I won’t go over old ground with you all.

Congratulations APink, I might not like you but other people obviously do!


Crayon Pop – Uh-EEE

Speed – Look at  me now

Eddy Kim – Push and pull

2000 Won – Beautiful

So real – My heart says

100% – Beat

N.CA – I’m Different

Baechigi – Dduraeyo

Eric Nam – Ooh Ooh

MIB – Chisa Bounce

NS Yoon-G – Yasisi

MBLAQ – Be a man

Mad clown Feat. Hyorin – Without you

Apink -Mr Chu

Toheart- Tell me why

Orange caramel – Catellena

Akdong musician – 200%














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