Music show cancellations

Hi guys,

Unfortunately, today’s post is not a happy one. Some of you may be wondering where my M!Countdown breakdown is and where the EXO music video review is.

As some of you may also be aware, yesterday there was tragic incident off the coast of South Korea involving the sinking of a ferry(with a large number of school children on it).  As of the last update, rescue workers were still working to rescue any people who may still be alive in air pockets on the ship. Despite this effort, a large number of people remain missing and time is very much a factor in these rescues.

As a show of respect (and as some artists feel it may be inappropriate to be promoting bright and happy songs at this time) many artists (including EXO) have cancelled their comebacks and promotions. M!countdown, Music Bank and Inkigayo have also cancelled their shows this week and although I haven’t yet found confirmation that Music Core have, it is likely they will too.

As soon as these shows are back on the air I will resume my updates, and don’t worry – I will still be doing my normal reviews as music videos are released.

My thoughts go out to the families of people on the ferry and I hope that by the end of this the news is good for as many of them as possible and I’m sure you do too.

Hallyu Noona


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