My Top Ten: Kpop girl group dances

 Welcome to my first ‘top ten’ for you.

My top ten is for posts to give you sometimes fun, sometimes serious top ten lists that can introduce you to new music all at once.

There’s a comment section at the end of each post so please use it, I’d love to see what your versions of my top tens would be!

So for today:

Here’s my look at the ten girl group dance routines that I like best.

These dances have all either made me laugh, cry or dance along with them to earn their place in My Top Ten!

Let me know in the comments below what yours are! This was a nearly impossible list and some dances I really loved had to be left out. 😦 Don’t forget to look up the honourable mentions if you like my other choices!

Honourable mentions: Girls Day – Expectation, AOA – Miniskirt, Girls Generation – Genie, Rania – Pop Pop Pop & Miss A – Goodbye Baby

10. Tiny -G – Miss You

It’s cute, catchy and I love it. Certainly doesn’t stretch these girls’ abilities to the full though!

9. 5Dolls – This And That

This song has an upbeat dance that isn’t too difficult to copy in your living room, and you WILL be.

8. Kara – Mr

Ahh, those hip rolls. The ‘Butt Dance’ will probably go down in history and I’d imagine is many a Kpop newcomer’s intro to KARA.

7. F(x) – Danger

I love the sharp angular motions and the group dynamic in this dance. F(x) are really good at making dance about the group.

6. Fiestar – I Don’t Know

Like doing the robot, but WAY cuter.

5.  AOA – Confused

I love the lip and the leg motion. As for the “is it like Sistar – Alone?” debate, I personally don’t think it is, the elements are different. As any choreographer will tell you, dance has certain rules as to how it’s put together, which means variants of certain motions will always be popular – long before and long after Sistar.

4. Girls Generation – Flower Power

I think I love this song’s dance so much because it was the first time I’d seen SNSD take on a dance that had something more complex than them all in sync at once, and I liked it.

3. Orange Caramel – Catallena

So much fun to dance to. Go on, try it, I dare ya!

2. Girls Day – Female President

Sorry guys, probably an unpopular decision but I really liked this dance!

1. Miss A  – Breathe

Ah Miss A, I love your dances so! Breathe is beautiful, different, well executed and plays to the different members’ strengths and weaknesses.

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Let me know what would be different in your Top Ten Kpop girl group dances!

Hallyu Noona


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