Sarang 사랑

Hi guys, welcome to Word of the Week.

Word of the Week is exactly what it says on the tin. Each week I will bring a new word and introduce you to it in Romanisation and Hangul.

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Today’s Word of the Week should be pretty familiar to any Kpop/Kdrama fan!

English: Love

Romanised: Sarang

Hangul: 사랑

A staple word in many a Kpop song, sarang means love!

This makes 사랑해 (Saranghae) I love you. I bet you’ve probably heard that warbled by some of your fave idols!

Hard to imagine when you would be saying this to someone you weren’t pretty intimate with? Well just in case you ever need to, it’s  사랑해요 (SarangHaeyo) and 사랑합니다 (Saranghamnida) in escalating politeness levels.

Rather less encouraging is 짝사랑 (Jjaksarang) – unrequited love. (For you non-native English speakers, unrequited love is love that is not returned!)

In case you needed more ways 좋아하다 (Joahada) is another way to say love, with 좋아해요(JoaHaeyo) being I love you.

To end it all, there are many words you may use to describe your lover, but 애인(Aein) is probably the simplest – roughly meaning sweetheart/lover.

Hallyu Noona


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