Spotlight on: Pepero


Ah Pepero. Proof that there’s no reason you can’t fabricate a national day for yourself. You just keep on believing! #worlddominationspiration

Pepero were the first Korean snack food that Hallyu Noona ever ate. Big moment here guys.

It was summer, I was obsessed with Kpop and had taken the plunge to learning Korean. One of my lessons talked about Pepero Day. Apparenntly Lotte (the people who make Pepero) had managed to get people to buy each other Pepero on the 11/11.

Get it? The 1s look like Pepero sticks! The lesson went on to say mostly children and young people, but I was already impressed. I don’t know why but I liked this story and it stuck with me, then I found a place locally I could buy pepero…..sooo many flavours.

What are they?

Wafer-like biscuitĀ sticks with a chocolate coating (save for a bit you can hold) they can also have nuts or similar in the coating. Nude Pepero are wafer sticks with a chocolate filling (so just inverted).

Pepero come In a wide variety of flavours, including:

Regular or Chocolate

Strawberry flavoured

Almond Chocolate

Nude (chocolate in the center)

Nude Lemon Cheese

White Cookie Chocolate

Hami Melon

There are also lots of brands making imitation Pepero, and Lotte itself have faced accusations that Pepero are just a copy of Japanese Pocky.

Either way, these make a tasty snack!

Hallyu Noona


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