Jinjja 진짜

Another word of the week? Already? Jinjja?!!

English: Really

Romanised: Jinjja

Hangul: 진짜

 진짜 (Jinjja) means “really”. Just like in English, it can mean “really”, as in “I’m really hungry” (Jinjja baegopayo -진짜 배고파요) or it can also be the incredulous response to something you don’t believe or are unimpressed with. 

For me,  진짜 (Jinjja) will always make me think of Miss A’s I Don’t Need A Man. If you don’t want to be reminding me of that when telling me you are hungry, you can also say 정말(Jeongmal) as this also means “really”.

How about we mix up last week’s word and this a bit – now you can tell your bias that you REALLY love them. 진짜 사랑해요 (Jinjja SarangHaeyo). 

Of course, it is possible that they would just sigh and utter…… 진짜 (Jinjja)!

Hallyu Noona


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