KTV Roundup – 28/04/2014

Old men fighting crime? Sign me up! Maybe.

Highlights from last week

So last week I was going to watch Rude Miss Young-Ae, Roommate and Hotel King. Roommate was a non starter. Due to the Sewol Ferry tragedy, it will now premiere on the 4th of May. Seriously think this poor show might never start with the amount of set backs it has had.

I’m afraid I could only find unsubbed versions of Rude Miss Young-Ae and much though I wanted to be able to follow it, my Korean wasn’t up to it. I have found older seasons with subs so hopefully will be able to do a ‘spotlight’ on this show in the future!

Hotel King did air, YAY! As of writing this I have only seen episode 5 not 6 (KTV roundup being due on a Monday makes it a bit awkward when I work full time!) This was probably my first standard drama, and boy was it dramatic. I will have to go back and watch the first few episodes I missed as a few things passed me by (e.g. who is related to who) but it made me smile.

I was surprised how dark it was able to be, for some reason I hadn’t really expected that from a Kdrama. This episode gave a real sense of you not knowing who you can trust, who is trying to sabotage Ah Mo Ne and who is trying to help her by being ‘tough’ on her. The poor employee embroiled in Ah Mo Ne’s harsh life lesson nearly made me cry – we get so used to happy endings that not getting one hits hard.

What to watch out for this week

So as well as Hotel King, this week I will be catching up on  Gapdongi (tvN) which airs on a Friday and Saturday at 20:40. I don’t know much about this, other than it’s a criminal investigation show and is based on some real life murders. I’ll be sure to let you know next week how it went!

I will also be checking out Grandpa’s Over Flowers Investigation Unit. Not sure if this will be fantastic or terrible. A retired cop getting involved in cases and taking a bunch of grandpas along with him? Remains to be seen if I will stick with it so be sure to check out next week’s round-up to see what I thought! (Airs  TvN Friday 21:50.)

Hallyu Noona



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