My Top Ten: Music video costume choices

I love the sometimes crazy world of Kpop music video costumes. here are my TOP TEN.

To get on this list wearing pretty clothes isn’t enough, it has to have gone the extra mile. It might be it was insane, or just perfect for the song!

10. Orange caramel – Catallena

They are mermaids, as sushi.

9.After School – Bang

So yeah, marching band never looked so good.

8. Secret – Poison

The sexy gangster look, and it’s not a university night out?

7. Miss A – I don’t need a man

I’m a sucker for blazers!

6.Crayon pop – Bar bar bar

So it’s not really a secret that I don’t personally like crayon pop. However, controversy aside, these helmets were quite a distinctive look!

5. SHINee – Everybody

Another group who have overcome adversity to be on this list. I honestly think for a lot a people new to Kpop now, these outfits are the first thing they will associate with SHINee

4. 4Minute – Volume up

Not only is the vampire look a big departure from what we are used to, it looks so good on them!

3.Spica – You don’t love me.

Dat Ass!

2. SNSD – Oh!

I’ve featured the Japanese version just because I ever so slightly prefer these outfits to the pink ones in the Korean version. The cheerleader outfits are awesome, the girls look great and it’s kinda cute too. I approve.

1. Bigbang – Fantastic baby

Firstly, i’m 99% sure Seungri’s scenes were his own suggestion. ‘I want to be basically topless being rubbed by ladies in PVC’, Mad props to him! That aside G dragon looks INSANE in this video and Top’s painting scenes are crazy awesome. Despite all this mish-mashing, it works for me…I don’t know why but it does!

What would your top ten be?

Let me know in the comments!

Hallyu Noona


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