Spotlight on: Choco Chou

Chou cream DSC_0111

Choco chou cream cakes. Individually wrapped (as far as I can see, to slow you down when you are trying to eat a whole pack!).

Whenever I go to the Asian supermarket, I try to buy at least one new snack food to try. Not long after I first started eating Korean food, I came across the brightly coloured box for Choco chou cream cakes.  It took me and Mr Hallyu Noona a few minutes to decipher the microwaving instructions (we didn’t want to destroy them) but we did it. They taste O.K. cold, they taste AMAZING hot.

The packaging is brightly coloured, and each one comes in it’s own colourful foil wrapper, perfect for lunch boxes!

What are they?

Spongy, fish-shaped cakes with a chocolate filling that has an almost jelly-like consistency (a little runnier but that’s the best explanation I could come up with) until it is heated.

Hallyu Noona


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