Gamsahamnida 감사합니다

감사합니다 (Gamsahamnida) for joining me for another word of the week!

English: Thank you

Romanised: Gamsahamnida

Hangul: 감사합니다

 감사합니다 (Gahamsamnida) means “thank you”. This version of thank you is a formal version of Korean and can be used to people who you need to show respect to or are older than you.

고마워요 (Gomawoyo) also means thank you. If someone said something very nice about your work, you might say 고마워요? 감사합니다 (Jinjja? Gamsahamnida).

I strongly suggest that if someone says 사랑해 (saranghae) they probably want more than a 감사합니다 (Gahamsamnida) though!

Hallyu Noona


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