K Film Roundup – 03/05/2014

Is that the girl from the Jackpot video? Yes, yes it is.

What we can look forward to this month from Korean films

Mad, Sad, Bad

First up is “Mad, Sad, Bad” – release date 15/05/2014. “Mad, Sad, Bad” is an omnibus film and as such is made up of three different stories.

The first story is a true story murder case called “Ghost”. Two young boys get embroiled in the violent plot as they try to help a girl via social media.

“I Saw You” is a zombie film with a difference. In this version of events, zombieism is treated and zombies are given jobs as labourers. We see a love story and a man turned zombie for no apparent reason. This is not your typical gore-fest zombie tale.

The final story “Picnic” is a heart wrenching tale of a girl whose autistic brother goes missing, the title coming from her making a picnic for him.

All three stories sound appealing, although I am dubious of the need for  these to be 3D titles, hopefully it won’t feel too gratuitous!

The Groin

Next up, “The Groin” – release date 15/05/2014. “The Groin” sounds like a bit of a typical love story, some guys who don’t believe in love make a bet going after a famously chaste housewife. Along the way they learn what true love is. Word of warning to those who only like modern settings, this film is set in the Joseon Era!


“Obsessed” (15/05/2014) tells the story of an elite war officer at the end of the Vietnam war. Seemingly having it all as a successful father with beautiful wife, he is actually a man in turmoil suffering form PTSD and a hollow relationship with his wife. He meets one of his subordinate’s wives and falls into an obsessive love affair with her, with the consequence of him having to give up everything he has achieved.

Not sure on this one, I think I could go either way!

Campus S Couple

Released 15/05/2014. “Campus S Couple” seems to be a typical college based love story. A man meets three women: one a one-night stand, one his ideal type and the third who loves him and he juggles all three. Who will he eventually fall for?


With a release date of 22/05/2014, “Mizo” tells the story of a sexually abused girl in foster care, as she tracks down the parents who abandoned her. What follows is a story of revenge with a gruesome ending for all involved.

A Girl At My Door

Another cheerful tale released 22/05/2014. “A Girl At My Door” tells the tale of an abused young girl. A police officer new to the town is determined to rescue her, however the young girl develops an obsession with her rescuer.

A Hard Day

“A Hard Day” (29/05/2014) is the tale of a homicide detective who kills someone in a hit and run incident. In order to protect his career, he covers up the killing. However, someone knows what he did and begins threatening him. While it might sound a bit ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’-ish, we can expect a much more complex chain of events from this film.

Phew! Any films you are looking forward to that I’ve missed for May? Let us know in the comments below.

Which one’s your most anticipated?

Hallyu Noona


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