Spotlight on: We Got Married

I’m not sure how western celebrities would feel about being on a show like this, or if it would work in a culture where there is less expectation for our idols to be pure and innocent.

Original broadcast channel


Original broadcast date

16 March 2008 (2008-03-16)

Number of episodes

Still airing after four seasons plus one global season!


Too many to mention!




‘We Got Married’ pairs celebrities up into fake married couples. Each week, the couples are set tasks that relate to married life, e.g. making a meal on a budget, meeting your partner’s parents.

The show has led to a number of fan bases ‘shipping’ some of the partnerships shown. ‘Shipping’ jut refers to imagining or wishing the pair was a couple, although some fans have taken it too far, sometimes threatening other people who date one or other of the pair.

One of the most famously ‘shipped’ couples is Nikhyun (2pm) and Victoria (F(x)), often dubbed Khuntoria.

My thoughts

We Got Married certainly isn’t for me I’m afraid, but for the celebrity gossip followers and fans of people who have appeared on the show it has a good appeal.

The show is generally well done and it is helped by Korean celebrities (and those who are famous in Korea) being very willing to take on the show’s concept. I can’t imagine western celebrities being so keen to follow the concept. It is generally safe publicity although a few celebrities (especially female ones) have found themselves being painted in a negative light, for example being too needy or  controlling.

All in all, if you like variety shows, but aren’t really a fan of chat shows I’d say this is a definite watch for you!

Hallyu Noona



  1. curlynoona

    I think it might work in the US but the only people willing to be on it would be D list celebrities. I like the show, but I watch it for the obviously planned skin ship or silly tasks. I just like when they have a genuine friendship.


    • HallyuNoona

      I’m not sure I can imagine celebrities in the US being quite so committed to the concept though, although I might be doing a disservice to American celebrities.

      I agree though that as well, it wouldn’t be able to draw in big names like it does over there. We just don’t have the same history of our stars doing shows like that.

      Have you started watching roommate? I’m loving that so far (and not just because it’s another way to watch Lee Dong Wook :P)


      • curlynoona

        I’m not sure about them being committed to the concept, either. If they didn’t like each other, they’d let it show much more. And also, in the US “We Got Married” seems way more like fake dating than fake marriage.

        I hadn’t even heard of roommate! It looks really good…You know, it sounds like The Real World way back in the day. Thanks for mentioning it.


      • HallyuNoona

        No problem, from what you said you liked about ‘We got married’ I think you’d really enjoy it 🙂 (From the one episode they’ve had so far at least)


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