Do you like kimchi?

Of course you do! Everyone loves Kimchi!

Today’s useful Korean phrase is ‘Do you like …..?’

O.K., you’re starting to understand the conversation but you want to ask if someone likes your favourite group? Today we will learn how to ask if someone likes something!


Do you like X?

X 종하하세요?  (less formally: X  좋아해요? and very informally: X 좋아애?)

X Joahaseyo? (less formally: X Joahaeyo? and very informally: X Joahae?)

You might want an answer like:

I like X

X 좋아해요

X  joahaeyo

But they might say:

I don’t like X

X 싫어해요

X silheohaeyo

So back to our first phrase, I like Kimchi would be:

 김치를 좋아합니다

 Gimchi-reul johahaeyo

를(reul) is just a subject marking particle. Take my word for the fact you need it for now! Or start learning Korean, there’s loads of classes online and physically out there!

Why not discuss what you like and don’t like in the comments below?

Hallyu Noona

Hallyu Noona


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