Exo – Overdose

Is this an ‘overdose’ of Exo, or just right?


The song

So all the delays have meant this song has a lot of expectation built up on it and I think it stands up well to that.

The song has already got itself wedged in my head -it’s got a nice beat to dance to. It’s the sort of beat you could dance to in a club or as a choreographed routine, which is nice.

The verses let down the choruses a bit for me, but I would be amazed at anyone who doesn’t find themselves singing along to the chorus after a couple of listens!

 The video

…is a pretty basic dancing-in-a-box-set job. The video and dancing are good, although dancing-wise I personally favour VIXX.  The outfits are cool – not a fan of the first outfits that make them look like they are hanging around outside a school in the 90’s though.

Other than that, as expected EXO produced a good, polished performance!

 So what did you think of the long awaited Overdose? Let me know in the comments below!

Hallyu Noona


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