Girl’s Day

Group Name: Girl’s Day

Group Members: Minah, Sojin, Hyeri, Yura

Ji Hae – Left Otober 2012

Ji Sun – Left September 2010

Ji In – Left September 2010

Record label (if known): Dream Tea Entertainment

Genre: Early music is bubblegum pop, later music is more dance pop.

Debut date: 7th July 2010

Key events

Just two months after the groups debut in 2010, it was announced that two members would be leaving.

Ji Sun left to focus on her musical career and Ji In to focus on acting.

They were replaced with Hyeri and Yura.

The group continued to promote as a 5 member group, releasing a number of songs until October 2012, when Ji Hae left the group citing ‘personal reasons’.

In 2013, after Ji Hae’s departure, the group released Expectation and Female President. Both songs were incredibly successful and moved Girl’s Day into  a position where they are widely regarded as one of the upper tier of Kpop Girl groups.


Up until Ji Hae’s departure, the sound was very bubblegum pop and came with a very cutesy image.

Post 2013, Girl’s Day have exhibited a much sexier image. Girls day came back with a more sexy Cute image in July 2014.

Recommended music videos

 Other songs to check out

  •  How About Me 
  • Twinkle Twinkle
  • Don’t Forget Me
  • Let’s Go

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