My Top Ten: Upbeat, party tracks

Kpop is great for parties, even where people aren’t Kpop fans. Here are my favourite ‘get up and dance’ or sing along party tracks.

To get on this list all you had to do was put me in the party spirit!

10. Two X – Ring Ma Bell

I dislike this song so much, but play it at a party for me and I am first on the dancefloor.

9.Bestie- Thank you very much

Why do slightly passive aggressive songs make such good party tunes?

8. Dal Shabet – Mr Bang Bang

It’s just so darned catchy!

7. Got 7- Girls, Girls, Girls

Because well girls, girls, girls they love them.

6.Kan Mi Youn – Paparazzi

Nice little beat, and an English word for people to sing along to.

5. SNSD – Love and Girls

Technically a Japanese track I know, but I’m not going to penalise them for it.

4. AOA – Get Out

So long as you don’t get too enthusiastic telling your friends to ‘get out’.

3.Block B – Very Good

Exactly what you want to exude at a party – yes you are very good!

2. Psy – Gangnam style

This deserves to be on the list on it’s own merit, but it is higher because EVERYONE at the party will get up and dance to this one.

1. G Dragon – Crayon

He literally tells us to get our cray on, doesn’t come with more of a license to party than that!

What would your top ten be?

Let me know in the comments!

Hallyu Noona


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