M!Countdown – 10/05/2014

M!Countdown is Back! YAY so glad

Below is my round up of the show and videos of the performances!

I didn’t have high expectations of this M!Countdown, primarily due to the fact the music industry is only just moving again. Sure enough it was a very toned down affair, with the hosts in black and minimal fan chants and generally everyone trying to make sure they do not look too happy.

There were some lovely performances to commemorate the show falling on Parents’ Day, which I thought was nice.

15& were nice. I think you’ve probably guessed by now I’m not a big ballad/R+B song fan. I like the songs well enough, I just struggle to get excited about them. Both these girls have beautiful voices, and their singing sounded really soulful. Performance was a bit wooden for me, If you aren’t doing a big dance routine, you shouldn’t be stood like a plank of wood.

Eddy Kim’s Love Guides You was again lovely and pretty, and he avoids the boring performance a little as he is playing the guitar. Still not sure I get the big hype about him, but it certainly wasn’t terrible.

It was really cute seeing Akdong getting to collect the trophies they had earned while the shows were off the air. They really deserved them!

NS-Yoon G, I loved Yasisi. I am less in love with If I Loved You. It’s ok, and I think part of the problem is my Korean isn’t good enough to sing along to. This is definitely a ‘sing along to’ not a ‘dance along to’ track. On the subject of dance, I liked this performance as a whole but it seems Yoon G’s dance parts were half hearted. It’s as if the choreographer couldn’t decide if she should dance or not.

Of the special stages, Mad Clown and NS-Yoon G’s stood out about it. Although if I’m honest pretty much everything Mad Clown does sounds the same to me. 15&  with Eddy Kim and Eric Nam did a good job too.

Let’s take a moment to look at the performance of  Amore Mio by May Queen. It was terrible. Painfully trying to be cute in far too short skirts to be cute. Sound fading in and out, occasionally out of tune and deadpan at the best of the time. I was really confused how this even made the cut….

Apink are still going, I still can’t pretend I see it….It was weird seeing them try to do Mr Chu without seeming too happy as well. I really do have to bow and wish them the best, I might not be able to see it but clearly a lot of other people can!

Akdong’s triple crown stage was ADORABLE.

I like Overdose, but this M!Countdown doesn’t do EXO justice. Lip synched and in a box set with no audible audience. To me this adds nothing a video doesn’t, I watch music shows to see performances. It’s fine for me if you lip sync, but only if your performance is engaging. That said, I like the dance, the song has grown on me yet further, and Chanyeol being adorable to watch in Roommate is making EXO grow on me 🙂

Congratulations again APINK!


Can’t Hide It – 15&

The Manual – Eddy Kim

If I Love You – NS-Yoon G

Ooh Ooh – Eric Nam

Thank You My Love – Hong Dae Kwan

Mothers Diary – 15&, Eddy Kim and Eric Nam

Father – Mad Clown and NS-Yoon G

Mr Chu – Apink

Akdong Musician – 200%

Overdose – Exo K

Amore Mio – May Queen

I Just Loved You – Sihwan Park

Next Year – Lena Park

Meet Him Among Them -Son Seung Yeon

Without You – Mad Clown and Hyorin

Hallyu Noona


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