Junhyoseong – Goodnight kiss

I’ve been into Kpop too long that I  was a bit surprised she’s showing cleavage!

The song

Junhyoseong’s singing is absolutely fine, I liked that. I really like the nursery rhyme still feel to it.

The backing song however I found horrible, truly horrible. It’s far to busy and sounds like bad dubstep made by a teenager in their bedroom, really ruined the song for me.

 The video

 The video is nice enough and Junhyoseong looks stunning, bit confused toward the start at the random parts where she literally just points her butt at the camera. Other than that a solid (if simple) video.

Hallyu Noona


One comment

  1. HallyuNoona

    Upgrade to this post: after hearing this so many times when reviewing music shows, my hatred for the backing track has abated slightly. I can now say I like the song without rage, still not a big fan of the backing track though 😛

    She is possibly the sexiest lady in Kpop from my point of view though, I LOVE her shape.


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