KTV Roundup – 05/05/2014

Warning potentially spoiler heavy today!

Highlights from last week

Hotel King still has me gripped, I ask only 2 things of it:

Lee Dong Wook must be shirtless more

He must not sleep with his sister.

It’s a Kdrama so i’m sure they will deliver on the first one. Just OMG, by the end of episode 9 I’m over the fact  I didn’t want them to be a couple, I want the incest issue resolved so poor Jae Wan can finally get his end away. End of episode 10, YAY!!!! Finally shippers everywhere can ship away without feeling creepy!

You’re All Surrounded is off to a good start. We’ve been introduced to the rookies who, in an unconventional move, are being made detectives already. One of these rookies we see as having a past connection to the lead detective and it would seem he’s in it to avenge the death of his mother. Whether the detective was directly responsible for her death remains to be seen. There is a girl on the team he knew as a child, who has yet to recognise him. We have the obligatory slightly nerdy one who fancies the girl and rich ‘gangam style’ boy who cites his reason for joining  the unit as he ‘thought it would be fun’. It remains to be seen if he has any deeper motives.

 Gapdong has me truly gripped. After episode one I thought the show was all obvious and I  knew who everyone was. I KNOW NOTHING! I am even starting to doubt if Ryu Tae Oh is actually murdering the girls, or if we are seeing him do it as he obsesses over what Gap Dong is doing. We saw officer Ha in the place of the killer when he was visualising the murder and part of me is debating now if that’s what we are seeing with Ryu Tae Oh. I am not even sure if that explanation ties everything up, but nothing seems to add up yet.

I had also been musing that the Gap Dong inside might be a warden, that would mean he could be the new Gap Dong too and would tie nicely with the Ryu Tae Oh possibility. But we’ve seen snippets of the ‘original’ Gap Dong clearly in inmates clothes. I am so confused by this show I am doubting all the things I see as obvious.

We all know the old Gap Dong is an inmate and the new one is Ryu Tae Oh, right?

Triangle didn’t hook me in at all I’m afraid and, maybe wrongly, I abandoned it after episode one. It wasn’t terrible and I may well go back to it later, I just don’t feel the same sense of desire to watch each episode like I do the others.

Away from dramas, I have managed to find time to watch Roommate. I am not normally a fan of reality TV or variety shows, but this is really cute and funny. Definitely worth a shot if you have some time to fill!

What to watch out for this week

Hotel King and Gapdong  continue this week and both continue to be firm favourites of mine!

 You’re All Surrounded (airing Wednesdays and Thursdays at 22:00) has earned a place in the weekly roundup. It was funny, and I’m intrigued to see where the vengeance plot line is going!

Triangle continues, but I won’t be continuing with it I’m afraid, I’ll try and go back at  a later date and do a spotlight for the fans. Unfortunately it just hasn’t managed to grip me in.

Let me know what your thoughts are on these dramas. Are there any TV shows beginning this week that I’ve missed out? (Why not check out our previous round ups to see if your favourite drama got a mention there?)

Let me know in the comments below!

Hallyu Noona




  1. curlynoona

    I haven’t seen Hotel King yet, but I did see Lee Dong Wook shirtless in the second episode of Roommate. So I understand. (I don’t think I’ve seen him in anything but I’m a fan; he seems like a great guy.) Roommate is looking cute, but I find I’m wary of shows that don’t seem scripted- I guess I don’t want to get tricked? I might watch it though. It reminds me of ow The Real World was when It first came out.

    I’m currently obsessed with A Witch’s Romance. I’m a little annoyed at it right now, but it’s sill good.


    • HallyuNoona

      Ah, I treat all Korean media as at least slightly scripted lol.

      I’ll try and have a look a ‘A witches romance’ this week. I will be honest I don’t even know what its about at the moment.


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