Group Name: Kahi (Park Ji Young)

Record label (if known): Pledis Entertainment

Genre: Pop

Debut date: 14th February 2011 (Previously a member of the girl group afterschool)

Key events

Kahi debuted as a solo artist in 2011 whilst still leader of the girl group afterschool.

Kahi had previously begun her career as a back up dancer, and danced for a number of acts including BOA. She went on to be a member of the girl group S blush, while in S blush she was involvedĀ in the putting together of the girl group Afterschool. Shortly after S blush disbanded Afterschool debuted.

In 2012 Kahi ‘graduated’ Afterschool to pursue a solo acting and singing career. She played a teacher in dream high 2 and released a solo project in October 2013, an album entitled ‘Who are you?’

Recommended music videos

Ā Other songs to check out

  • Hey boy
  • Sinister
  • Girls and boys
  • Rollercoaster

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