Word order – Present tense

Today we will introduce you to what order you should put Korean words in in a basic present tense sentence

We won’t go into detail about all of the sentence elements, but the basic ones you should already be aware of are:

Subject – The person or the thing the sentence describes.

Verb– a ‘doing’ word.

Object – what the Subject is doing or connected to.

Complement– A word that is required to complete the meaning of a sentence. E.G. I am Julie


Am= ‘to be’ Verb

Julie = Complement

“Subject do/does verb”

Subject+ topic/subject marking particle + verb + handa

“Subject is complement”

Subject +topic marking particle + complement + imnida

“Subject ‘verb’ object”

Subject + topic/subject marking particle + object + object marking particle + verb +handa


We will go into those particles in more detail in a few weeks time so keep an eye for that.

Simply the subject and object marking particles are just Korean syllables added to the subject and object of a sentence to identify them.

The handa/imnida parts are just to do with conjugation of the verbs. At the moment we haven’t covered how verbs are conjugated but we will in the next few weeks!

Hallyu Noona


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