M!Countdown – 15/05/2014

I do love M!Countdown, here’s my ramble about todays show.

Ahhh Vetty L, Vocally this was the worst I’ve seen these guys but I still love their stylist!

Aprince still creep me out. *shudders*

M.pire’s she ain’t like that was….enthusiastic. The chorus was catchy but the performance as a whole did not have the professional looking edge to it I’ve come to associate with Kpop.

Apink’s flaming sunset for the legend 100 special stage was, a little bland and one girl seemed to struggle to sing the lower notes.

15& were cute, their music isn’t to my taste but it sounds very pretty!

AKMU’s give love is cute, though much weaker than 200%. The dance/performance is very cute though.

I know I comment on NS-Yoon G’s outfits a lot, but todays was terrible….I think it was a sack with a skeleton printed on it?

Lunafly’s song was ok, to me they just looked too stiff and awkward for this kind of song.

Exo’s performance was amazing, I know I wasn’t impressed last week…this week they had FLAMES, and the whole thing looked awesome. Well done guys!

G.NA looked cute and bubbly and  loved her and the dancers stage outfits. The song is actually growing on me bit too!

BTL debuted with Too- G. The song was a bit ‘meh’. The dance was patchy in places it was incredible, but some bits felt scrappy. hope they polish this throughout promotions as there is serious potential there!

Despite all the controversy today for EXO with Kris’ departure from EXO-M EXO got a win today, congratulations!


Too G – BTL 

Erase – 4MEN

Overdose – Exo-K

Want u – Juniggigio

Special Guy – Lunafly

Mr Chu – Apink

G.NA’s secret – G.NA





Hallyu Noona


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