My Top Ten: KPOP rappers (Female)

Here at HallyuNoona we aren’t big fans of the rap parts forced into Kpop songs, however sometimes the raps are great and a lot of the rappers are pretty talented. Here are my top 10.

To get on this list, all you had to do is rap on a song at some point. Some of these may not primarily be rappers.

10. Yubin – Wonder girls

I like Yubins rap, they just all sound very much the same to me!

9.Hyuna – 4minute

Hyuna does a pretty good job, I do get this feeling some girls groups give me where one member has been made a rapper because they need one rather than being a rapper by choice sometimes though.

8. Zinger – Secret

I can’t help feel that for the most part, poor zinger is a bit wasted in Secret.

7. Kahi (afterschool and solo)

I can’t decide if I’ve put Kahi too high to be honest, she doesn’t rap the same amount as some of the lower rankings, maybe it’s coincidence that I like her raps?

6. Amber – f(x)

I like the tone she has when she raps, a lot of Kpop rappers are quite nasally.

5. Le – Exid

Nice rapper, possibly out American sounds CL which isn’t to my taste. I feel like poor Le is a little underrated.

4. Jia – Miss A

I love Jia, nice deep tonality to her rap!

3.Bipa – Lip service

So we haven’t had a lot from lip service yet, but this girl very almost literally spits her rhymes, she has won my approval.

2. CL – 2ne1

Probably controversial to you all that I only have her at 2. Her attitude and style is incredible and she’s obviously a good rapper, it’s just not as outstanding rapwise to me as the next lady.

1. Miryo – Brown eyed girls

Miryo is a little bit on another level, I love her tone. It’s all pretty impressive that she can rap in different styles.

What would your top ten be?

Let me know in the comments!

Hallyu Noona


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