Music Core – 17/05/2014

Music Core yay! Here are my rants and raves on this weeks show.

M.pire don’t really have me fussed and I I’m more an upbeat dance girl, so the start of this show was  bit slow.

Mr.Mr might have had their share of controversy but Big man Is quite a good song and has potential!

TINT continue to bore and disturb me? Any  TINT fans fancy trying to explain the appeal to me?

I’ve said before, with my eyes closed I like N.CA’s music. This still stands, why do they insist on styling her age inappropriately?

Still on the fence on BTL since M!countdown yesterday. The chorus is catchy, and some parts of the dance are GREAT. But then some parts of the song and dance let them down. I stand by my hope they will only improve from here.

G.NA’s live stage are really good, the song to me is a little bland but they are spicing up the live shows really well! loved the magazine part at the start of todays.

I like Lonely night by Junhyoseong, much better than goodnight kiss which sounds like it has 3 backing tracks running at once. Shame they covered up her cleavage for live performances, I will never understand why you can wear shorts that short but not show ANY cleavage.

Love Exo’s live stage for overdose, the camera work is a bit reminiscent of SNSD’s MR.MR though. They also really shouldn’t have dressed them head to in white then put them in that lighting either, MY EYES THEY HURT!!

Congratulations again EXO!


Mr Chu – Apink

Goodnight kiss- Junhyoseong

Erase – 4men

Overdose – Exo-k

Want U- Junggigo

Pretty lingerie (G.NA’s Secret) – G.NA

I hate night time – Junhyoseong

Night and day – Wheesung

I don’t want to know – Wheesung

Too -G – BTL

Hallyu Noona



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