Inkigayo – 18/05/2014

Ahh Megan Lee, loving her song 8 Days. Look out for our M/V review this week! The performance was a bit shaky live – definitely had me dancing in my seat though!

Still not an M.Pire fan, maybe it will grow on me.

I have commented a lot on BTL this week, I still have my doubts. It’s not their performances as such, the whole song and dance is hit and miss for me. It really feels like they stuck teasers for a few different songs together.

Akmu make such cute mimes! I really like ‘Give Love’, but it still doesn’t come close to 200% for me.

I wasn’t a fan of Junggigo’s last release, but I am fully in love with Want U. I even don’t mind the rap!

Exo, was never a fan of EXO before, but Overdose might be starting to change that. I LOVE the dance, hope it won’t take me too long to learn.

Congratulations EXO on another win!


Can’t hide it – 15&

Erase – 4Men

Night and day – Wheesung

Want U – Junggigo Feat Beenzino

Overdose – EXO K

The manual – Eddy Kim

8 Days – Megan Lee

Not that kind of person – M.Pire

If I love you – NS-Yoon G

I’m different – N.CA

Too-G – BTL

Ooh ooh – Eric Nam

Give Love – Akdong Musician

Mr. Chu – Apink


 Hallyu Noona


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