KTV Roundup – 19/05/2014

It sucks when people get their happiness midway through a TV series because you know someone is going to tear it apart.

Highlights from last week

You’re All Surrounded continues to engage me as an interesting mix of comedy and drama moments. The hostage situation was brilliant and managed to be funny and tense all at once. At the start of this week’s episodes, I had no idea how they were going to recover from the car crash ‘we saw it coming’ stalker case, but they did! The Kpop playing in the restaurant made me smile, if only because I recognised it.

I’m finding it difficult to tell what the team leader’s feelings truly are about these rookies, I can’t decide if that’s deliberate or the writing letting the show down.

The ending was lovely and dramatic. Even though we knew who the voice would be, when I saw those scars I still gasped!

Gapdong still has me confused… so who we thought was the real Gap Dong was actually…? Except I don’t think he was – His diagnosis confirmed he had a delusional disorder. Does he just think he’s Gap Dong?

Is Ryu Tae Oh convincing people to do the murder because he thinks if he recreates them perfectly he’ll know why Gap Dong stopped and then he will know how he can stop? Ryu Tae Oh is clearly more fixated on the fact Gap Dong stopped than anything else and we know from the lie detector that whatever he is doing, he wants to stop.

I’m thinking at this stage we aren’t actually going to find out who the original Gap Dong actually is, although I am intrigued to see what kind of closure we would get from that.

I am so in love with this show and it’s the first show I’ve recommended to people who are otherwise not interested in K-Culture.

Also, for those who were desperately hunting down the theme song, It looks like the OST might be out based on this appearing:

Hotel King is so special to me, I am not sure why it’s getting so much hate online? I understand the speculation around the drama concerning the PD of the show leaving, but not the actual hate for the show itself?

Cha Jae Wan smiled – he actually smiled! I was so happy. Now it’s over, I mourn for this, I feel a bit like a crazy fan now. They better get a happy ending, that’s all i’m saying!

Also, more topless Lee Dong Wook! MBC are clearly listening to me!


What to watch out for this week

Hotel King , Gapdong and  You’re All Surrounded continue this week and  continue to be firm favourites of mine!

 I haven’t had chance to watch A Witches Romance yet, but it has been highly recommended to me. If you need a quick fix, I recommend giving that a try. If you do watch this, please let me know if it’s worth me diving into. Maybe I can feature it as a spotlight post soon?

Let me know in the comments below!

Hallyu Noona



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