Hangul rules – The Batchim

Today’s Nuts+Bolts of Korean looks at putting those Korean characters we’ve previously covered together into words 

Each syllable of a Korean word follows a specific pattern of :

Consonant – Vowel – Consonant

(The last consonant can be removed and a syllable still meet the rules I.E. Consonant- Vowel)

The last consonant of the syllable is the Bat-chim.

Hangul is written in blocks rather than as a line. It is pretty intuitive how you would write the letters, and word processing software will do it automatically so we won’t cover it here at the moment.

When ㄹ is the Bat-chim it makes a sound like the english letter ‘L’

When ㅇis the Bat-chim it makes an -Ng sound.

Hallyu Noona


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