M!Countdown – 22/05/2014

Yes, it’s that time of the week again, here are my barely coherent ramblings on this weeks M!countdown:

Bay.B, Ummm……well…..ummm….I like the short dress? very pretty. Moving on!

I don’t understand the appeal of Apink, as such Berry good were a bit lost on me, they seem like Apink’s little sisters.

Oh Megan lee, you’re so adorable and your song is so catchy…..Not gunna lie she’s a little wooden on stage but I still love it!

G.NA is really endearing me to her with her performances, she actually puts on a performance everytime and is fun to watch!

Junggigo has definitely truly won me over with Want U, I light up with enthusiasm when I hear the intro, it just makes me wanna dance!

Jiyeon’s performance was amazing to watch not sure how I feel about the song yet though.

Congratulations EXO!


Love guide fo you – Eddy Kim

Love letter – Berry good

Want U – Junggigo

Seoul lonely –PHANTOM

Too G – BTL 

Mr Chu – Apink

Bad you – Seo Ji An

G.NA’s secret (Pretty Lingerie) – G.NA

Pray – 4Men

Night and day – Wheesung

Give love – AKMU

8 Dayz – Megan Lee

Quecera cera – Bay.B

 Hallyu Noona


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