2NE1 – Gotta Be You

To celebrate their 5th anniversary, YG released 2NE1’s video for ‘Gotta Be You’

The song

This song is well down the rankings for me in terms of my favourite songs from the album – I much prefer ‘Come Back Home’, ‘Happy’, ‘Crush’ and MTDB (and ‘Scream’). However, I think that is more because I prefer dancy pop songs to R+B style songs or ballads. There is nothing wrong with it as such, it just doesn’t go anywhere for me, possibly exacerbated by me having such high expectations of 2NE1.

 The video

 The video was cute and colourful. For once, there were no outfits that seriously offended me. Don’t expect the in-depth story you get with ‘Come Back Home’, but it was fun.

I found that the yellow outfit on yellow background just looked washy and bad. I’m not quite sure why it was raining on CL either, it seemed a bit gratuitous for me.

The video in general is good, but not mind blowing.

Hallyu Noona


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