BTL – Too-G

Hmm boybands… I swore I’d never like boybands. One by one they have eroded my stubbornness, will BTL be the next one?

The song

When I first heard this song on music shows, I had a very half hearted response to the song itself. I take it all back now though – that beat is infectious. Sitting in my chair writing this, I could feel my butt moving and my shoulders going to the music. Still not my fave Kpop song ever, but I look forward to what else these guys may offer!

 The video

 No video with fire-swords, snakes and Mad-Max style scenes with hockey sticks can be bad. Not much dance in the video, but as I find the routine for this song a bit patchy, that is no bad thing. I like Kpop videos that try a bit harder than basic box sets and this certainly does that.

The rapper has such pretty eyes, I’m sorry if some of you don’t think that’s worth mentioning but I do!

The effects at the end aren’t great, but can be forgiven as this is ‘just’ a music video.

Hallyu Noona


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