Megan Lee – 8 Days

Honestly not what I usually turn to Kpop for, but who doesn’t like an upbeat little guitar pop song?

The song

I love this song – so upbeat and chirpy. Really perfect for the summery weather I have been enjoying recently. Love dancing around my garden to it.

I prefer the English version (see end of post), but I think that is purely because I can sing along to that and it is a very sing along song.

It does have a very American sound to it (unsurprisingly). I don’t have a problem with that, but those people who come to Kpop to get away from that may find this isn’t the song for them.

 The video

 I love the video, it’s just the right amount of quirky and artsy that it isn’t annoying. I love the start with her led different ways, it matched the jarring lines at the start so well!

During the scenes that I can imagine were labelled as ‘Megan has fun’ on the directions sheet, she actually looks like she is having fun. Staged or otherwise, looking like you have a warm persona if you are going to claim to have one is important!

For those that want it here is the English version:

Hallyu Noona


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