Music Core – 24/05/2014

It’s time for Music Core! Are you ready? I know I am!

M.Pire’s song Chorus at least has grown on me. I’m not in love with it, but I now feel a little guilty about how vitriolic I was originally with my hatred of it.

BTL’s dancing looks much better to this song now, perhaps the first time I saw them they were just a bit nervous or something, it’s definitely coming across as more polished now. If you didn’t check them out before, maybe now is the time to do it.

Junhyoseong is such a naturally sexy girl, I am loving her dance stages to this song. I am actually disappointed that she can have shorts on that are that short, but her natural cleavage is ‘too much’ though.

I’ve commented before that I love Junggigo’s current song, however I only noticed today that he is REALLY hot. How have I missed this before? He spends most of this performance just sat in a chair, I ain’t mad though.:P

Bye bye Apink, don’t come back too soon….please…

Phew, I’m glad they made Ji Yeon change her choreo, that was MUCH less overtly sexy. In case you haven’t guessed that was sarcasm. I personally had no issue with the original choreo, however  I did understand why the music shows might not be comfortable with it… but they have let her dance a very slightly modified piece of choreo that is still very overtly sexual…..what? Why make the changes at all?

Congratualtions EXO!


Seoul lonely – PHANTOM

G.NA’s secret (Pretty Lingerie) – G.NA

Goodnight kiss – Junhyoseong

Mr Chu – Apink

Night and day – Wheesung

You you you – Fly to the sky

Last Romeo – Infinite

Ji Yeon – Never ever

Hallyu Noona




    • HallyuNoona

      I only use the videos posted by the channels myself – This is just to prevent dead links and poor quality videos for my readers.

      However, as requested. BTL’s Performance from today can be found at:

      I’m afraid I couldn’t find it myself, if the quality is bit poor, check again in a couple of minutes, I have only just uploaded so youtube are still processing it.


  1. HallyuNoona

    I have explained above why I some performance videos were missing, however due to popular demand I will now be creating playlists on my youtube channel that show all the performances regardless of source.

    the playlist for this episode of music core is:


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