Inkigayo – 25/05/2014

It is Inkigayo day, little change to the formatting, the end of the post (you may need to click ‘continue reading’ to see it) Will have a list of all the performances followed by a playlist of them, you can still pick the one you want, just all form the playlist in Youtube.

Ahh, Bay.B. I know the internet has blown up a bit about these guys but I just don’t find them interesting. Maybe it’s just the song is boring? I have no doubt they can sing, and they are very pretty but to paraphrase Shania Twain: ‘They don’t impress me much’.

Poor BTL had some pretty terrible costumes today, mustard yellow…nommy!

The less said about TINT the better, I thought this kind of thing was over for a while with Apink done….don’t be silly!

15& lay a little sugar on us, dunno if maybe their mics were bad or something but I really didn’t like this performance. the bits I could hear properly sounded good so maybe it’ll be better at other performances.

I still don’t realise understand exactly how the chorea changes made a difference but Ji Yeon really has pulled out all the stops on this and  I love it.

Now I have seen Junggigo’s hotness I can’t unsee it. Those damn eyes! Also I still like the song. Honest.

I have managed to get over the weird clashing backing track to goodnight kiss, Of the 3 pitted against each other by the media (G.NA, Ji Yeon and Junhyoseong) Junhyoseong is the one who best exudes natural sexiness. I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I love it!

Speaking  of G.NA, Yet again she manages to exude a grown up, age appropriate bubbliness. I think the song is good, just a little to bubbly for me, but I have to give credit for how well she executes this.

Congratulations EXO!


Quecera cera -Bay.B

특별한 남자 – Lunafly

Too-G -BTL

Seoul lonely – PHANTOM

The wolf is stupid – TINT

The manual – Eddy Kim

Sugar – 15&

I’m different – N.CA

Erase – 4Men

Never ever – Ji Yeon

Give love – AKMU

Want U – Junggigo

Good-Night kiss – Junhyoseong

Night and day – Wheesung

Mr Chu – Apink

G.NA’s secret (pretty lingerie) – G.NA

You you you – Fly to the sky

Memories – Infinite

Last Romeo – Infinite

 Hallyu Noona


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