KTV Roundup – 26/05/2014

Stupid dramas, sucking me in and breaking my heart

Highlights from last week

This week was mostly a week of dramas upsetting me. silly dramas. You’re All Surrounded  managed to get off most lightly, I’m loving the plot direction and there is still plenty of comic relief. Is it just me though or did the ‘love triangle’ kind of come out of nowhere?

If Gap Dong had me confused last week, it only gets worse this week! All those things I smugly thought I’d figured out were confirmed and then shown to be untrue ALL IN THE SPACE OF 1 EPISODE. 

All I know for sure now is that no one is going to get out of this series entirely unscathed, and Ryu Tae Oh has a fine behind.

For those who missed me linking it last week, the video embedded above is the theme song from Gap Dong.

Hotel King and I are definitely in an abusive relationship. MBC obviously aren’t listening to me…I was wrong. How could he be so stupid…’i’ll go back to her’. What about this – what if she didn’t want you back because you were an ass?

Wouldn’t it have been lovely if he had but his trust in her to protect him and the woman had saved the day for once. Don’t be silly. I sincerely hope they don’t drag out the coldness.


What to watch out for this week

Still the same three for me at the moment, Hotel King, You’re All Surrounded and Gap Dong.

Not enough for you? Well don’t be so greedy!

Just kidding, if you need more Kdrama I recommend watching the now finished Prime Minister and I if you haven’t already!

Let me know what you though of this weeks episdoes in the comments below!

Hallyu Noona


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