Connecting with HallyuNoona

To celebrate our not long past 100th post, HallyuNoona have been hard at work setting up different ways for you to connect to us.

We know you all know you can follow our blog, and that’s great, but did you know we have twitter?

Or what about Facebook?

Or other social networks?

Tumblr and Google+

We post to all of these, and you may find them easier to follow us with than by e-mail as we post so frequently some people might find the e-mails annoying! (Some of you might love them but we love giving you options!)

We even use Reddit, Well lurk on it!

Or you can E-mail us:

What about HallyuNoona TV?

Music videos

Live Music show perfomances

Just want to view the videos related to our blogs in convenient playlists?

Checkout out youtube channel playlists!

Lastly, we really do want you to dive in and comment, or even send us things you would like to contribute!

Want us to connect in any other way? let us know!



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