Brown Eyed Girls

Group Name: Brown Eyed Girls

Group Members: Narsha, Miryo (also known as Johoney), JeA and Gain

Record label (if known): Nega Network

Genre: Pop/ R&B

Debut date: 2nd March 2006

Key events

JeA was herself involved in getting the group assembled and pre-debut the group were known as Crescendo.

Their early music, while well received in Korea, was not commercially very successful, partly due to conflicting releases with other bigger name artists.

In 2010, JeA, Narsha and Gain began a pursuit of solo activities.

After the release and success of Sixth Sense, the members again pursued solo activities including a release from Miryo in 2012, followed by both Gain and JeA.

The dance from ‘Abracadabra’ was featured as the main element of Psy’s¬†Gentleman, where Gain also featured as his female lead in the video.

Brown Eyed Girls are unusual in the idol world – they publicly date and do not deny their plastic surgery. In fact, they even poked fun at this in an SNL parody song called ‘Plastic Face’.


Brown Eyed Girls’ early sound was very much R&B ballads, their later music falls much more firmly into the ‘pop’ category.

Recommended music videos

Other songs to check out

  • Recipe



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