M!Countdown – 29/05/2014

It’s that time you have all been waiting for, M!countdown!!!!!

Berry good…Berry bad. Sorry but they are. It’s twee, with a disturbing sexual elements and the singing sound terrible. Really don’t bother.

AKMU might be wrapping up their promotions now, but I hope they won’t be too long I want more stuff like this on my music shows!

I loved BTOB’s legend 100 stage, I felt a little bit like I was living in an episode of ‘Fresh prince’.

15&’s sugar is growing on me as a song, but this performance sounded a bit weird, like the backing track was off timing wise or something? it just didn’t sound right!

Ji Yeon’s performance was good, but the peach tone to her outfit didn’t really seem to suit the performance.

Junhyoseong was very nearly allowed to show some cleavage today, cant help but feel the poor girl is being punished for having a bust, she always seem to have to wear excessively high necklines for live performances. The choreo changes for the skirt were nicely done though!

The pre-song little bit by VIXX was pretty cool, uninterrupted live the dance looks pretty good actually, I was a bit disappointed by it in the video but seeing it as one performance I could see the choppy elements I know and love VIXX for!

Congratulations Infinite!


Love letter – Berry good

Seoul lonely – PHANTOM

Give Love – AKMU

Want U – Junggigo

G.NA’s secret (pretty lingerie) – G.NA

Ooh Ooh – Eric Nam

If I love you – NS Yoon-G

I know – BTOB

She ain’t like that – M.Pire

Sugar – 15&

Move –Kim Yeon Woo

1 Min 1 Sec – Ji Yeon

Goodnight Kiss – Junhyoseong

You you you – Fly to the sky

Last Romeo – Infinite

Eternity –Vixx

 Hallyu Noona


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