VIXX – Eternity

Will VIXX be all dark and gritty, or will it be dance music?

Released: 27th May

EP/LP : Eternity

EP release : 27th May

The song

The song Is a lot like ‘Only U’ in that is a dance music song, although perhaps a little more on the poppy side for this one.

I am not the worlds greatest fan of ‘bang bang, thumpy dance music’ (any Lancashire hot pot fans out there?). I am also not a great fan of these determination to try and sing as high as possible that Kpop seems to have.

I didn’t dislike the song, but for me  it didn’t live up to tracks like ‘on and on’, ‘hyde’ and ‘Voodoo’.

All in all, a good outing but not a song that sticks with me on first listen? Maybe it will grow on me, a lot of the current Kpop songs I like weren’t ones I fell in love with on first listen.

 The video

As for the video, I love the set. Very cute and steampunk…although it does all seem very familiar. On inspection not from anyone thing, jut all in the individual elements feel familiar. E.G. big room from Hyde. Big cogs from every time themed Kpop video ever…

The cute bits of skinship between the members is sure to get the fangirls going crazy.

While the overall effect of the video is pretty cool it doesn’t really hold up to examination very well. The plot parts have that very Kpop feel of individual segments that are wedged in to look like a plot without delivering any, and the dance while I would be perfectly happy from most groups does not deliver what I expect from VIXX.

In short I suppose the video is very good, but I’ve come to have very high expectations of VIXX and usually expect excellence. I did like the disjointed knees turning in and out, that felt very VIXX to me. the weaving through each other when they sing was also really good, I can’t wait to see that live

Hallyu Noona


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