Music Core – 31/05/2014

Mr.Mr’s song is so much fun to see live, they own the stage really well. Until this song all I knew about them is the controversies and I really couldn’t see why anyone would be a fan, I think I am starting to ‘get’ it now.

Kim Yeon Woo’s ‘Move’ has a lovely smoothness to it, if a little bit seventies porn sounding. Sadly, it just isn’t catchy enough for me.

Junggigo, Want U, Yes I do 😀

Bit disappointed that VIXX didn’t shake their performance up much from M!countdown, but I guess there is still time during their promotions to see some cool variations.

Much better costuming today Ji Yeon!

Junhyoseong, Looks like I spoke too soon at M!countdown, there’s the unflattering neckline again.

Congratulations Fly to the sky!


Big Man – MR.MR

Love letter -Berry Good

She ain’t like that – M.Pire

Wolf is stupid – TINT

Too – G – BTL

I’m different – N.CA

Move – Kim Yeon Woo

Ooh ooh – Eric Nam

If I love you – NS Yoon-g

Want U – Junggigo

Seoul Lonely -PHANTOM

Eternity – VIXX

G.NA’s secret (Pretty lingerie) – G.NA

Never Ever – Ji Yeon

Goodnight kiss -Junhyoseong

Still in love- Baek Ji Young

Last Romeo – Infinite

You you you – Fly to the sky

Hallyu Noona



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