KTV Roundup – 02/06/2014

Stupid dramas, sucking me in and breaking my heart

Highlights from last week

I want to hate You’re All Surrounded for the complicated love however-many-sided-shape (triangle wouldn’t cut it for this one). I want to, but  I can’t. I don’t even know who I want to end up with who, I just know it’s gunna be juicy getting there.

Finding out the voice on the end of Dae Guk’s phone is the chief definitely threw a spanner in the works for me…what is going on? Then to top it off the detective definitively knows who Dae Guk is already, I have NO idea how this is going to pan out next week!

Gap Dong is insane. So we know who the new and old Gap Dong are? But how will they ensnare him? ….Interesting.

Ahhh, Hotel King. By the end of episode 15, I was never going to watch this stupid, frustrating show again. By the end of episode 16 I’m in love again, so long as they don’t string out the ‘cold’ Jae Wan anymore. I want touchy-feely Cha Jae Wan!

What to watch out for this week

Still the same three for me at the moment, Hotel King, You’re All Surrounded and Gap Dong.

Let me know what you thought of this weeks episodes in the comments below!

What are you all watching? Let me know!

Hallyu Noona


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