Spotlight on: Bulgogi

BBQ the Korean way, as opposed to the British ‘burnt on the outside, frozen on the inside’ way!

What is it?

Bulgogi (불고기) is traditionally a marinated beef that is grilled and then usually served with a leafy vegetable such as lettuce to wrap the meat in and eat.

Bulgogi will often be served with a dipping sauce as well.

Bulgogi can be found in alternative ways as well with Bulgogi burgers on sale in Korea and also served with the meat as part of a salad.

The word Bulgogi is often applied as part of the name for other grilled meats such as Chicken and Pork in Korea too.

Bulgogi is lovely and as it doesn’t have to strong a flavour a great intro to Korean food.

Can’t find anywhere to get it near you? Watch out for Fridays ‘How to cook’ which will feature Bulgogi.

Hallyu Noona


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