M!Countdown – 05/06/2014

Welcome to another week of my bizarre ramblings on M!Countdown.

The M.Pire war of attrition is having affect, a billion or so views in, and I’m starting to the find the chorus catchy. Just the chorus mind, and the guys are pretty to look at.

15& are not my favourite group but this song isn’t to bad. That black and white mini-dress was gorgeous, I want!

Crush’s debut seemed to rely heavily on the back up dancers. It’s always disappointing when the camera spends more time on them that the act themselves.

Also why call the song ‘hug me’ then have the girls pelvic thrusting while you sing that line? If you’re going to do that, get some guts and call the song ‘fuck me’ even if it means you can;t go on music shows. All in all it seems like a half hearted, embarrassing attempt to be wannabe gangsters. In fact from now on when i see Crush my brain will imagine Wheatus – Wannabe gangster is playing.

Speaking of ‘wannabe gangsters’, Boyfriends Intro….’Nuff said’

The actual song , Obsession isn’t actually bad. Might be a grower I can’t tell. The visual going on here hurts my eyes though.

I think the concept must be ‘Clean-cut, dirty, Gangster, nice boys’ (They were going for and Oxymoron theme) but instead of looking like Oxymoron’s, they just look like morons.

Grr, mic drama for BTL, caused by mouth coverings maybe. If so their performance is clearly only partially live, T/his is what I expect to be honest but its better with the illusion of fully live.

Those crazy loud fanchants= yay for VIXX. Not a fan of those hip rolls though.

Is that Ji Yeon dancing the original Choreo still? Good for you M!Countdown!

The award for worst dressed for epileptics goes to ….Infinite. Sorry guys but white suits and flashing lights are fun for no-one.

Good to see my #FreeHyoseongsBoobs campaign having an affect. For anyone who doesn’t know, I just want her to be allowed to wear necklines the same as flat chested stars can rather than hideously unflattering clothes. Those of us with a  but have to stick together.

ZE:A – I don’t get the fuss about these guys, someone want to explain in the comments below?

All 11 (Shh, Don;t mention Kris) members of EXO have gotten together. I say 11 of them we watch 2 of them sing while the others do a very dull back up dance.

But then….OVERDOSE YAY. They are so impressive to watch. I won’t lie, EXO are one of the few boy band’s who have appealed to me.

Congratulations Infinite!



M.Pire -She ain’t like that

15& – Sugar

G.NA’s secret (Pretty lingerie) – G.NA

Crush – Hug me

Boyfriend – Intro

Boyfriend – Obsession

Megan Lee – 8 Dayz

Sweet sorrow – Pounding heart

BTL- Too -G

Junggigo – Want U

Vixx – Eternity

Ji Yeon – Never ever

Infinite – Last Romeo

Junhyoseong – Goodnight kiss

ZE:A – St-Dagger

ZE:A – Breathe

Jung Joon Young aand Younha – Just the way you are

EXO (K+M) – Moonlight

EXO (K+M) – Overdose

 Hallyu Noona


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